Dec 6, 2022

We have a limited number of PROTOSOUND 3 STEAM TENDER BOARDS that just arrived!

Please bear in mind that these are designed for use in the United States & Canada (as they are non-European EMI compliant). They have been used in both O gauge & standard gauge steam locomotives (production models only). This board will not work for a PS2 steam upgrade kit!

The part number for this board is AE1000030. 

For anyone out there who would like to order one of these boards pre-programmed please search part number PROGRAMMING FEE (click on the photo for this part and follow the instructions....)

Please keep in mind we have a limited supply in stock as of Dec 6, 2022 (all of the boards added to inventory have been tested & verified to work 100%).

If you have any questions please email us at

18 Volt Grain of wheat lamps - package of 100 - ON SALE NOW!

Dec 6, 2022

Grain of Wheat 18 Volt. Light Bulbs SALE in bags of 100 pieces.  Retail Price for a bag of 100 = $100.00 (Individual cost os $1.20 each)

These bulbs fit in all MTH Rail King Passenger Cars, Subway Cars, Early Premier Passenger Cars, Cabooses, and many Accessories.  They also can be used and fit into many Lionel products including their Polar Express Passenger Cars, Starter Set Passenger Cars, and many accessories. (Note Lionel's retail price is $1.50 per bulb and are currently out of stock according to their Website)

These bulbs must be purchased from the MTH Parts and Sales Website under part number CG0000011-100.  Put this part number in the Search Bar located here:

Lionel's Exploded View Diagram (on their website) shows that Polar Express Passenger Cars use 6 lamps per car!